27 Juli 2015

I AM IMUN. Are You?

Hi fellow delegates! My name is Bagja Nugraha from UIN Jakarta. My first Model UN experience as a delegate was in NTUMUN 2015. After that experience, I can feel the enthusiasm and excitement of MUN as I join Java MUN held by my university.

Bagja Nugraha, Turkey - UNFCCC - IMUN 2015

To enumerate my experience within MUN field, I decided to join IndonesiaMUN 2015 – I definitely look forward to becoming the delegate of Turkey in #UNFCCC 

3 reasons why I’m hooked with IndonesiaMUN are:
1) I believe IMUN is an international event we cannot miss!
2) Strengthening my public speaking and communication skills I previously learned and I want to study more about diplomacy and working hand-in hand on making a resolution.
3) I want to meet new people so I can create memories with them and have fun learning with them. I believe IMUN is the right place for that.

I am IMUN – are you too? Register now on IMUN 2015 2nd Batch: www.indonesiamun.org

If you're an IMUN Delegate like I am, request your #IamIMUNcampaign now by dropping a message on IMUN Official LINE account or email! 


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